Why we do it this way…

Mike Graber

Mike’s financial services career entered its 5th decade in 2020. During the early years of his career Mike worked for one of the largest, most respected firms in the US.  After holding positions in Indiana, Illinois, Chicago, Mike moved his family back to Southwestern Indiana where he could raise them in the community that helped instill the richness of traditional values to his family.

Those values are sometimes hard to find in today’s world.  Hard Work, Honesty, Integrity, and treating everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their position in life are some of the characteristics you will find when working with Mike.

Our experience has shown us that retirees have done very little to protect their assets from taxes.  One question we ask is this, “How much will you pay in tax on your retirement income?”

Without Tax consideration, it’s impossible to know how long a retiree’s income will last.  So, we start at the beginning with a discussion about the impact Taxes have on retirement income.

If you watch what is happening in Washington D.C. with record breaking deficits, ever expanding social programs, run-a-way budgets, the enormous Federal Debt that is piled up, we feel it’s very likely all of us will be facing much higher federal income taxes in the future. So, what can we do to minimize the impact on retirement income?  Let’s work together and find a solution.

Strategic Partners

To ensure our clients receive the most up to date and thorough planning, we have assembled a team of Strategic Partners whose talents come together to provide for our clients with cutting edge solutions.  Our Team includes Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Analysts, Product Specialists, experts on Social Security and even Attorneys as needed.

Our Team approach provides a distinguishing and unique strength for us versus the competition.  Often our clients tell us they hear one thing from their financial advisor, one thing from their CPA and something entirely different form the Attorney.  That is because each is presenting their position from an isolated point of view.  By using our team approach, we are able to provide a coordinated, consistent recommendation that leads to confidence and long-term success.

We believe working through the planning process together is one of the keys to retirement success.  Our process will lead to an investment structure that is best positioned to minimize the risk to your hard-earned assets and maximize your income.